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 Try our delicious homemade cakes. Made from quality fresh ingredients and

iced in a tasty fondant to keep in the freshness. We have a variety of cake and  filling flavours to choose from to indulge in on your special day.


CAKE                                                            FILLINGS

vanilla                                                            vanilla            chocolate                                                       chocolate

carrot                                                             lemon

red velvet                                                       strawberry

salted caramel                                               orange

fruit                                                               salted caramel


rum and raisin                                           CUPCAKES                                             BOOZY CUPCAKES  

vanilla                                                           gin and tonic

chocolate                                                      irish cream liquor

red velvet                                                      pina colada


lemon                                          Happy to make you're 

rum and raisin                      favourite flavour and fillings



salted caramel

allergy info

We can offer a nut free, gluten free, egg free and dairy free option for your occasion. However we would like to inform our customers that we work in a kitchen where nuts, gluten, eggs and dairy are stored and therefore cannot guarantee our products are free from these allergens.

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